How To Add an Email Signature in Lotus Notes 8.5


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One of the top 5 \”How to … on Lotus Notes\” searches on Google is \”How to add an email signature in Lotus Notes\”. However, if you click \”search\”, the majority of the results are out-dated and not of much use. So here is a step-by-step tutorial to add that individual signature you\’ve always wanted for your personal emails in Lotus Notes 8.5:

First of all, Lotus Notes 8.5 now allows you to set up email signatures that are not just \”Text-only\”, but provides you with the flexibility to add graphics or any other Rich Text features to really spice things up – so let\’s get to it.

1) Access your Preferences. This can be done via \”File\” or via \”More\” (pictured):


2) Select the \”Signature\” tab within Preferences:


3) Create your email signature using the Rich Text field manually or you may import it from other programs such as Microsoft Word or an HTML document. You can also insert graphics or attachments, but beware of this option as it will increase the size of your emails dramatically! Tip – Use tables with borders set to 0 to create that perfectly aligned multi-column signature:


4) And that\’s it! Now you can select \”Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing emails\” and whenever you create a new message your email signature will appear in the new message field. Or, you may decide you don\’t want your signature automatically added, then whenever you do want it appended simply select \”More\” and \”Insert Signature…\” Easy!


We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial of creating an email signature in Lotus Notes 8.5. This is a great method for individuals out there wanting to spruce up their email signature with contact details, along with website and social media links. However, you obviously wouldn\’t want every single employee across your company having to create their signature locally – and being able to tamper with it at any given moment. If you\’re looking to set up email signatures for your company, check out our product \”Crossware Mail Signature\” at our website here for a company-wide solution.

We will be writing a \”How to create a corporate signature using Crossware Mail Signature\” in the near future. Keep an eye out! UPDATE: Read about creating a corporate signature on Lotus Notes here.

Remember – Don\’t create an email signature that\’s an entire paragraph in length! Stick to a few of the key signature rules we mentioned back in our article \”Email Signatures – What Makes Them Ugly? What Makes Them Beautiful?\”


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