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Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature application that simplifies the creation and maintenance of company email signatures. Sleek, compliant, and personalized email signatures are automatically added to each email, no matter what device you’re sending from.

Crossware Mail Signature works for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, HCL Domino, and HCL SmartCloud Notes.

Crossware Mail Signature allows you to set up a centralised email signature template(s) for your entire organization.

Each time you send an email, your personal information is pulled dynamically from your directory into the email signature and your email signature is affixed according to your configuration settings.

In our increasingly technologically advanced work lives, emails are often our main form of communication with partners, prospects, clients and colleagues.

Each email is not just an opportunity to send a message, it also offers a space for building your brand, advertising and engaging with your recipient. Email Signatures are the perfect space for this. They also offer a space for legal compliance, allowing you to ensure that everything your organization does is legally above board.

With Crossware Mail Signature, we allow your organization to centrally design and apply beautiful, custom email signatures for your email recipients that can help you to build engagement and awareness.

Using Crossware Mail Signature instead of the generic, built-in email signature tool has several advantages to you and your organization.

  • Save time and money by centralizing signatures across the company – branding, advertising, legal compliance and more changed all in one go.
  • Get signatures on your emails, no matter what device you send from (including mobile).
  • Flexibly create and apply different email signatures for different senders/recipients/dates/promotional campaigns.
  • No more relying on individuals to make updates.

Yes, many of our customers set up various email signatures according to the different departments/divisions in their organizations. For instance, companies with one branch in New York and another in Los Angeles can have completely different signature configurations automatically applied.

These can be based on groups in your Address Book, domain names, or even based on conditional rules.

There are two options for licensing:
Perpetual License – available for: Domino and Exchange
Subscription License – available for: Domino, Exchange & Office 365

Contact our Sales Team for more information via our Sales Enquiry form.

Yes, you can. Simply fill out our Free Trial Request form and try out Crossware Mail Signature on any platform completely free for 30 days.

All major Domino Server platforms from Version 8.0 and upward are supported, along with HCL Lotus Notes clients from Version 8.0 and above running on Windows/ Linux/ Macintosh. On Microsoft we support Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.

Start your journey off with 30 days of free exploration of Crossware Mail Signature by requesting a Free Trial for Office 365, Exchange, SmartCloud Notes or Domino.

We’ll walk you through the simple installation process (for Exchange and Domino) or connecting your environment to our services (for Office 365).

Once your trial is activated and ready to go, you can start designing and creating your company email signature(s), making them as simple or as complex as you want and adding rules for their application.

Companies from a huge number of industries use Crossware Mail Signature – Education, Healthcare, Construction, Food & Beverage, Finance and Insurance, Automotive, Charity, and Retail.

Our customers have anywhere between 1 and 30,000 users. We have over 2,000 customers using Crossware Mail Signature, totaling over 1,000,000 individual email users.

We offer 24 hour email support for all Crossware Mail Signature customers with a valid Software Maintenance and Support Agreement or current Subscription.

We also offer additional paid services to help out with design changes, platform migration and more. Contact us to find out more about our services.

Yes, you can.

There’s no need to create two different signatures for internal and external recipients: instead, you can simply apply internal/external settings on your signatures depending on whether recipients are internal or external to the company.

For instance, if you want a signature that showcases your contact information to everyone, but only shows a legal disclaimer to external recipients.

Crossware Mail Signature is client independent, as it is installed on the server (or Office 365 cloud); therefore all devices and clients that send email via your mail server are supported.

Crossware Mail Signature is competitively priced. It is licensed on a per user basis, where a user is defined as any mail file that requires a signature.

You can get a quote here.

Many of our clients are concerned about losing their signature configurations when they move to a new email platform. Don’t worry – we offer a supportive environment for migration. If you are on a subscription pricing plan, you can easily move between our products at no extra cost.

If your company decides to migrate to many of our supported platforms, contact your local Crossware Sales Manager to discuss the migration process.

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Crossware Mail Signature is the world-leading solution for email signatures for Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), Microsoft Exchange, and HCL Domino.

Crossware for Microsoft 365
Crossware for Microsoft Exchange
Crossware for HCL Domino

Customer Stories

Rated 4.5/5 by 434+ customers

Peter C IT Head, Partnership Member in UK Legal Services, 51-200 Employees

“We are a business with lots of specialist individual teams, Crossware enables us to have custom headers, footers, campaigns, signatures and disclaimers for all those teams.”

Matthew S. Systems Analyst in US Transportation, 1,001-5,000 Employees

“Great Product!! Flexible with signatures. It’s flexible and reliable and does what we need it to. We’ve used it for applying multiple signatures to different groups.”

Ray B. Office 365 Administrator in US Food & Beverages, 5,001-10,000 Employees

“We’ve used this product both for IBM Notes/Domino as well as Outlook/Office 365. We love it! The Support Staff is second to none! I highly recommend this product to everyone.”