Global Leader in Email Signature Management Announces Groundbreaking Technology Partnership


MEDIA RELEASE: Wednesday, 10th April 2024

Leading New Zealand email signature management company Crossware today announced a groundbreaking new partnership with leading digital transformation consultancy 4Sight

Crossware, a world-leading Microsoft 365 email management solution headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, will partner with 4Sight as part of a combined effort to deliver integrated data management solutions for their clients, who can then utilise this information to drive business growth and customer acquisition. 

Crossware, with over 700 global partners and offices in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the U.K, and the U.S, is renowned for its advanced email management capabilities. 

4sight, with its 3,000 + customers and more than 550 Cloud partners in over 60 countries, is recognized for its expansive range of technological solutions, including AI, big data, and cloud-based business intelligence, and utilises trusted technology partners to bolster its service delivery and to delivery technology bundles for its clients that meet their current and future business requirements. 

Crossware Head of Global Sales, Al Schaeffer, is enthusiastic about the partnership as he believes that the synergies between the two companies and sizable global reach will benefit both businesses and their combined customer base.

“We value 4Sight Cloud’s global landscape and synergistic approach to technology,” said Mr Schaeffer. 

“Crossware’s Azure (Microsoft Cloud) deployment for M365 enhances and diversifies 4Sight’s portfolio. Together, we aim to empower businesses to advance in the modern digital economy by making better, more informed decisions.”

Crossware, is a world-leading email signature solution for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange and HCL Domino; it has over a million global subscribers and is fast becoming one of the premier centralised platforms for email signatures globally. It allows its primarily business-to-business clients the ability to manage the email signatures of thousands of employees while ensuring brand consistency. 

Utilising AI technologies across both private and public sectors, 4Sight’s mission is driving businesses into the digital future. Its goal in aligning with Crossware and Azure deployment for M365 is to provide integrated, customer-oriented solutions meeting the demands of the modern digital enterprise – an achievement that it believes will aid its clients in gaining the most from their technology stacks. 

Denzil Moorcroft, Sales Director of Channel Partners at 4Sight, proudly endorses the addition of Crossware as a valued Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in bolstering the business applications ecosystem, empowering end-users to optimise their investments. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Crossware into our esteemed network of partners,” Moorcroft said. 

“Their expertise and forward-thinking solutions align seamlessly with our commitment to providing clients with the tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. Together, we are poised to unlock new opportunities and drive growth across the regions we serve.”

About 4Sight:

4Sight is a JSE AltX (ticker: 4SI) listed, multi-national, diversified technology group. Its strategic vision is Digital AI Transformation for businesses, through seamlessly integrating the Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT) worlds with the Business Environment (BE), to achieve the ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for boosting productivity across all sectors. Through its Channel Partner (CP) network, 4Sight reaches more than 900 partners who benefit from its cutting-edge technological services and solutions.

The four Clusters of 4Sight focus on serving the specific needs of their target industries with their own innovative IP solutions, while leveraging their deep domain expertise, thus empowering our customers and partners to future proof their businesses through digital AI transformation, to make better and more informed decisions in the modern digital economy.

About Crossware:

Crossware’s powerful tools allow its clients to personalise company emails with intelligently applied ad banners, email signatures, disclaimers and more.

In 2013 as Microsoft business solutions grew, Crossware was the first to introduce an Email Signature Solution for Microsoft Office 365. Today, Crossware Mail Signature has over a million users across 80 countries.

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