How to Create Folders for Emails in Outlook

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Have you been wondering how you can quickly and easily create folders for emails in Outlook? Outlook is a very popular email service, particularly for businesses. Millions of emails are exchanged across the platform every day. One challenge is that if you receive too many messages, there is a risk that important ones will get lost within your inbox. Spam is also a major problem in today’s world. While Outlook does a good job of identifying Spam, the platform is not infallible. In any case, organising emails into different folders is a good way of managing your inbox. But how do you do this? 

Steps to Create Folders For Emails in Outlook

The following is how to create folders for emails; 

  1. Open Outlook. 
  2. Click on Folder
  3. Click on New Folder
  4. Enter the name of the folder. An example is Important
  5. Choose what the folder contains.  For example you might want to create folders for emails that keep your personal emails separate from your work-related emails.
  6. Select where to place the folder. 
  7. Your new folder will now be placed in the chosen location. 

How to assign Folders for Emails

That’s how to create folders for emails in Outlook. As you can see, it’s a very easy process. However, simply creating folders for emails in Outlook is not enough. The next thing that you will need to do is to assign emails to that folder. 

Remember we have already noted that the whole point of creating folders and sub-folders in Outlook is to better manage your inbox. In this instance, we are going to assume that there are some important emails that you wish to have automatically delivered to your new folder. 

Remember we labelled ours as Important. Yours can be called anything else (for example; wedding planning, holiday itinerary, accounts etc.) Now we want to ensure that emails from a particular address get automatically delivered to that folder. That way, we will know that we have received messages of importance, and we will focus on them. So, how is this done? 

Create a rule to forward emails to your new folder

What you need to do is to create a rule to have emails automatically forwarded to your new folder. In order to do this, you need to take the following steps; 

  1. Open Outlook. 
  2. Right click on an email from the sender whose messages you wish to have automatically forwarded to your new folder. 
  3. Go to Rules and click on Create Rule
  4. Now, choose the conditions for which you wish to have emails forwarded to your chosen folder. 
  5. Choose what has to be done when a message bearing your set conditions is received. This is where you select the option to have the message forwarded to your new folder. You can also opt to have a sound played as notification. Another option is to have a new item alert window displayed. 
  6. Click on OK

Which conditions can you choose?

We noted above that you need to choose the conditions for which emails will be forwarded to your newly created folder. You can choose to forward all messages by a particular recipient. 

You also have the option to forward messages containing a particular subject line. In our example, we could opt to have all messages bearing the words “Payment notification,” forwarded to our Important folder. 

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