How to Share Your Outlook Calendar

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How to Share Your Outlook Calendar

There are many good reasons why Outlook is one of the most popular products from Microsoft. It’s used by millions of people across the globe, not only as a mail client but also as a tool for organising various aspects of their lives. Outlook is particularly useful for businesses, as we have outlined in different articles on this site. One thing that you can do is create calendars that help you organise your day-to-day activities. But what if you wish to share your calendar with others? In this post, we will show you how to share your Outlook Calendar. 

Steps to Share Your Calendar in Outlook

The following is how to share your calendar in Outlook; 

  1. Open Outlook. 
  2. Click on the Calendar icon. 
  3. Click on Share
  4. Click on Calendar
  5. On the Calendar Properties window, click on Add
  6. Add the email address of the person or persons with whom you wish to share your Calendar. 
  7. When done click on Ok
  8. Choose whether the person(s) with whom you are sharing can view or can edit the Calendar. 
  9. Click on Apply

What happens next? 

That’s how to share your Calendar in Outlook. The process is not very different, whether you are using Outlook 365 or Microsoft Exchange. 

But what happens after you have shared your Calendar? How does the other person know that they can now view your calendar? 

When you share your calendar, the people with whom you are sharing with get a notification via email informing them of the fact. In fact, the email will have a link on which they can click to open the calendar. 

The person to whom you have sent the invitation will need to accept the calendar invite. They do this by clicking on the link that we have just mentioned above. Once they have done so, they will be able to view or edit your Calendar, depending on the permissions that you will have granted them. 

Why share a calendar in Outlook? 

Now that you know how to share your calendar in Outlook, it’s time to take a look at your motivation. Why would you share your calendar with other people? 

We have already noted that Outlook is used extensively by business people around the world. The calendar sharing feature is important in this regard. 

It enables you to quickly and easily share your schedules with your colleagues. Once the other person has accepted your sharing invitation, they will be able to view your calendar in their Outlook.

Sharing calendars makes organising meetings a breeze. If you have something scheduled, you don’t have to spend time informing each of the attendees about the date. You can simply share your Calendar with them and they will be able to see when the meeting is scheduled to take place. 

How to centralise management of your email signature

One challenge facing medium to large organisations is in relation to the management of their email signatures. You may be aware that your signature is a good way of boosting brand recognition. As such, there is need for uniformity. 

It won’t do to have one department use one signature and the next use another that’s entirely different. Big brands have visibility partly because they are able to maintain uniformity for their symbols, and your email signature is one such symbol. 

In most instances, it will contain your logo, your colours, links to your social media pages, your address and any other relevant information. In this regard, there is a need for a basic, uniform design. However, that does not mean everyone’s signature will have to be the same. 

There may be subtle differences from department to department. But how do you achieve this consistent yet flexible look? The best way of doing it is through the use of an email signature management software such as the one that we offer at Crossware. 

We are one of the biggest companies in this regard. Our software is used by millions of clients across the globe to create signatures that are professional and consistent across the board. We specialise in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange and HCL Domino. 

Our goal is to simplify the process of creating an email signature. That aim is achieved through the use of a drag and drop platform where people who sign up to use our software can quickly and easily come up with email signatures that work, whatever the device on which they are being viewed. 

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