MOA Brewing Company - Crossware Email Signature Case Study​

About MOA Brewing

Moa Brewery was founded in 2003 in the Marlborough winemaking region of New Zealand. Moa focuses on traditional techniques for production. They have won the respect and loyalty of connoisseurs from Europe to the Americas and are currently one of the largest New Zealand beer exporters to the United States.

MOA Brewing & Crossware Email Signature

Moa Brewing Company initially tried out Crossware Mail Signature as they searched for an alternative to the disappointing option that they were testing at the time. Moa needed a way to change signatures according to branch and to get it working on every device and platform. They wanted to take pressure off individual users and take control of branding.

Implementation & Use
We have staff in many different branches, using multiple devices and sending from multiple email domains. We needed a way to take control and found it in Crossware Mail Signature. It’s quick set up meant that we could rapidly solve our problems. Our design is now aligned across every email and the implementation is stress-free for everyone.

Cost & Time Benefits
We change out email signature branding every 4-6 weeks. It wouldn’t be possible without such a flexible product, especially for our employees with multiple signatures, devices and email addresses. We can beautifully showcase our branding and people love seeing our ever-changing signatures.

Crossware Mail Signature is efficient, flexible and easy to use. It’s perfect for our needs, and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a tool to amp up their branding. Every email is now a chance to connect with your customers and build a memorable story



LOCATION – New Zealand




“Instead of our IT team spending hours getting every signature perfect, it’s now done all in one go. With Crossware Mail Signature it’s simple to keep our emails professional and beautiful. No more images as attachments and perfectly aligned design.”

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