How to Use Multiple Email Signatures in HCL Notes

Can you use multiple email signatures in HCL notes? It’s something that a lot of people have been wondering about. We have a previous article in which we talked about adding an email signature in HCL Notes. It was noted then that you can have an email signature that serves as the default. Once you have done this, that signature will be appended to every email coming from your server. But what if you wish to give users the freedom to choose between multiple signatures? Is it possible to do so in HCL Domino?

Can you have multiple email signatures in HCL notes

At the moment, you can only have 2 email signatures in HCL notes. These are topics that we have previously covered. You can have a default signature that gets added to every email that you sent out from your server.

You also have the option to choose to have a second email signature. In that case, the default signature will cover all emails that you sent out from your account. The second signature will cover replies and forwards.

There is a workaround

That’s as far as you are able to go with the default settings in HCL Notes. But this is not what most people are looking for. In Microsoft Outlook, it’s possible to add multiple email signatures, giving a person the freedom to choose between them depending on the situation.

So, what can you do if you wish to use different signatures depending on your particular situation? Perhaps you have different clients to whom you wish to present different faces. That’s the situation that typically occurs for most companies.

The good news is that all is not lost. There is a way through which you can use multiple email signatures in HCL Notes. That gives you the freedom to choose signatures other than the default.

Adding multiple email signatures in HCL Notes

The following is how you can use multiple email signatures in HCL Notes;

  1. Create as many email signatures as you wish to have and save them on your computer. You need to save them as JPEG, TXT, HTML, bitmap or GIF files.
  2. You can save the file containing your other email signatures anywhere on your computer.
  3. Now compose a new email and click on Signature.
  4. Choose New signature from file.
  5. Browse to the folder where you have saved your signatures.
  6. Select the signature that you wish to use in that particular instance.

There is a better option

That’s how you can make use of different email signatures when composing messages in HCL Notes. We noted in this article that the ability to pick a preferred signature is something that a lot of people have been asking for. The above steps offer a workaround.

But is there a better way of achieving what you are looking for? The good news is that yes, there is a simple way through which you can give yourself the ability to choose between email signatures in HCL Domino.

All that you need to do is to sign up for Crossware, one of the world’s leading email signature management software. Our tools are used by companies large and small across the globe. If you need an email signature solution that’s powerful, yet easy to use, Crossware is for you.

We specialize in HCL Domino, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange. But what do we have to offer? One of our strengths is that we offer people who sign up to use our software the ability to add multiple email signatures.

It then becomes possible for them to choose the one that they prefer depending on a particular situation. We fully understand that businesses encounter different situations on a daily basis, making it necessary to at times choose between different signatures.

Crossware also allows people to create signatures that look great on different screens. The majority of people out there now use mobile devices to access their emails. It’s important to ensure that your email signatures take that into account. Otherwise, you are going to end up doing your brand a disservice.

Above all, Crossware makes it easy for everyone to create stunning email signatures. Our software comes with a drag-and-drop functionality that you can use to quickly create professional-looking email signatures. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free Crossware trial today to get these and other amazing features!

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