Tips When Designing An Email Signature

Email-Signature-designing When sending an email, having an eye-catching email signature is a great thing that draws attention while being functional. Not only will it have your branding and details, but it assists with marketing and sales campaigns while leaving an impression on those who are receiving your email. So how do you design an email signature? We’ve broken down a few of our top tips, then can talk you through the design process. Have The Correct Branding: An email signature is a branded tool. So, therefore, you will always need to have the correct and consistent branding. This doesn’t just mean the logo, it means the tagline, color palette, the correct spacing, etc. Once this is all set in Crossware’s Signature Designer, it is centrally managed. Meaning it’s essentially a set-and-forget system. Ensure It Is Easy To Digest: As an email signature is something people will glance at, it needs to be easy-on-the eye and say a lot but with as little as possible. When planning for this, think of key information, keywords, buzz phrases, mascots, etc. Include Up-To-Date Key Information: Of course, this one goes without saying. You will need the correct contact information, email address, phone number, job title, social media profiles, etc. As this does change (ie. after moving office) you will need to double-check that the information is correct. Add Pictures And/Or GIFs: This goes back to the point of an email signature being eye-catching. People are more likely to stop and look at something that has a picture, and more likely to look at something that is a video as it captures attention. In your email signature, include a picture or GIF of yourself or include a company mascot, and incorporate pictures in a marketing banner. The options are almost endless, but just make sure you don’t overload your signature. Remember, say more with less. Make Them Themed: A fun way to spruce up your email signatures is to theme them! Time the updates around national holidays, any \’ national\’ days, or even have a theme of your own. Check out our Christmas-themed signatures for inspiration.  

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