How to utilise email signatures in small business marketing plans


As a Small Business, you will be well accustomed to needing to squeeze every last cent out of a budget and utilising any and every marketing opportunity. The great news here is that trends show that digital is continuing to increase and has no sign of slowing down, which is where email comes in and plays an integral part of any marketing strategy. How does this look? Well, we’ve broken down a few tips for you:

Utilise Email Signatures:

When you consider that 2.4 billion emails are sent every second, it puts into perspective how grand this opportunity can be – if done correctly. An email signature is a simple way to add branding, contact details, encourage sign-ups, improve internal and external communications plus so much more!!

Sales Banners:

Create an eye-catching banner that is on-brand, which promotes or supports your current campaign. This can link to a specific landing page, it can link to a booking form with a member of the sales team, be used for brand awareness, and so many other options – either way, you can track this activity. Contact us to find out more about this feature.

Advanced Email Branding:

Use every email as an opportunity to increase your brand exposure by adding your unique touches and branding to each email sent from within your organisation. You can simply set and forget branding every email that is sent – thanks to the centrally managed feature of Crossware Mail Signature, this is easy. As Marketers, or even as a company, everyone knows how important and powerful it is to have the correct branding. You can read more about the power of branded email signatures and how to do this here.

Call To Action:

Including a CTA, such as a simple \’\’sign up here\’\’, \’book a meeting\’, \’start a trial\’ in your email signature is an effortless way to get people interacting with your business. The best part about this, is that you can track it! Either use a UTM (see here for Hubspot\’s explanation about why this is useful and how to set it up), set up a new landing page and set up tracking in Google Analytics (see here for an explanation about how this works). A pro tip here, is to ensure the text bin your CTA is easy and takes the person straight to the main page. Ie. Not then needing to click through several other pages/options.

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