Resolved: “Outlook Says I Don’t Have Permission to Send Email”

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Have you been struggling to send emails from Outlook? It’s a situation that can happen to anyone. Failing to send out emails in a timely fashion can be frustrating. A lot of people get notifications in Outlook that they don’t have permission to send emails. This can happen either on Outlook 365 or on the desktop Outlook application. Should this happen to you, the good news is that there are a number of steps that you can take to resolve the issue.

How to resolve the issue 

The following is what to do to resolve the “you don’t have permission to send messages from this mailbox,” issue in Outlook;

Confirm that Outlook is up and running 

The first thing that you can do to resolve the issue is to confirm that is up and running. You can do this through the Service Portal. On this platform, you will be able to see all Microsoft products and their service statuses. 

If Outlook is down across the globe, you will see it on the page. That could be the reason why you have been failing to send out emails from your account. If Outlook is running, you can move on to the other solutions that are outlined on this page. 

Check your sending email

Another possible solution is to check the From alias when composing your message. Compose a new message and click on Options. Now click on From. The From field will now appear at the top of the message that you are composing. Check to see that the proper alias is being used. If not, you will need to take the steps outlined below to set the proper From Alias. 

Set your default from address

The next thing that you can do to resolve the issue is to set a default from address. This can be done by following the steps outlined below; 

  1. Open Settings in Outlook. 
  2. Go to Full Settings
  3. Click on Sync email
  4. Open Set default from address
  5. Enter your Outlook email here (the one that’s associated with your Microsoft account). 

Check if the problem is on one device

Another possible solution is to check whether or not the issue that you have been encountering is restricted only to one device. If as an example you have been having issues with Outlook for Web, you can try to send your emails from Outlook for Desktop. Should you be able to do so from here, then you can be sure that the problem is isolated to one of your devices. You can then take additional steps to resolve it. 

Log out and log in 

If the issue is restricted to one device, you can log out and in on the device in question. Doing this can be all that’s needed to reset your account so you can start sending out emails from your account one more time. 

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Those are some of the steps that you can take to resolve the permissions issue in Outlook. It’s mostly to do with setting the correct aliases. Once you have done that, you should be good to go. 

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