How To Mark All Emails as Read on Outlook?


Are you looking for information on how to mark all emails as read in Outlook? Outlook is the go-to email client for the majority of businesses around the globe. It comes with a host of features that make it easy for people to manage communications, both internal and external. If you have been using Outlook for some time, a time may come when your inbox will become cluttered with unread messages. 

We have previously written about how to sort emails in Outlook. One way of doing this is by assigning certain emails to different folders. If you are one of those people who get a lot of correspondences, that’s a good way of ensuring that you do not miss out on important messages. As an example, you can mark certain emails from a particular contact to be delivered into the Important folder. 

So, you have successfully separated emails by importance, yet your inbox is still full of emails that you do not have time to read. Perhaps they are unsolicited marketing emails. The average person gets a number of these every day. Or maybe some of them are important, but they have been overtaken by events.

You will want to mark all these emails as read to avoid confusion within your inbox. If you leave a lot of unimportant messages unread in there, they could end up cluttering your inbox. The result may be confusion. You could end up not seeing important new messages. So, it’s important to clean up your inbox every now and again by marking unimportant messages as read. That way, when new messages come your way, you will be able to instantly see them. 

Steps to mark emails as read in Outlook 

The following is how to mark all your emails as read in Outlook; 

  1. Sign into Outlook and go to your Inbox. 
  2. Click on the Folder tab. 
  3. Now click on Mark All as Read
  4. You can also mark all emails within a folder as ready by right-clicking on that particular folder and choosing “Mark All as Read.” 

Does this remove emails from my inbox? 

That’s how to mark all your emails as read in Outlook. We noted in this article that doing this is an important step as far as cleaning up your inbox is concerned. You don’t want to have the confusion that comes from having hundreds if not thousands of emails unread in there. 

Once you have sorted through everything that’s important, the next thing that you will want to do is to mark everything else as read. But what happens when you do this? Does it not delete emails from your inbox? 

The answer is no. Marking messages as read does not delete them. The emails will still appear in your inbox, but they won’t be part of the unread messages. You can still access them by opening each within the folder. 

If the messages that are within your inbox are really not important to you, you may wish to delete them. Check out our article on how to delete multiple emails in Outlook. Deletion is an even better way of decluttering your Outlook inbox. 

If you are like the average person, you could end up having thousands of emails in there, which makes finding important ones rather difficult. So, if there are messages that you feel are of no use, you may want to completely remove them, rather than simply marking them as read. 

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