How to Export Outlook Emails with Date and Time


Do you wish to learn how to export Outlook Emails by date and time? That’s something that a lot of our readers have been asking about. Outlook is probably the biggest mail client for businesses around the world. You are here because you now wish to export emails falling into a specific date and time range. Let’s assume that you wish to export emails sent between 1 January 2023 and 23 May 2023. You will be exporting these emails to CSV (Excel)? How do you choose the correct date range? And how do you convert the resultant document into Excel? 

How to choose a date range when exporting Outlook emails

The following is how to export Outlook emails by date and time; 

  1. Open Outlook and click on File.
  2. Choose Open & Export.
  3. Click on Import/Export.
  4. Click on Open to a file and click on the Next button. 
  5. Select Outlook Data File (pst) and click on Next
  6. Choose the folder from which you wish to make your export. In this case, we will be exporting emails from our Inbox. 
  7. Now click on the Filters button. 
  8. Click on the Advanced tab. 
  9. Under Define more criteria, type Modified, Created or Received as needed. In this instance, we will be exporting messages that were received. 
  10. Now you can type your specific date range. An example would be 2023/01/01 and 2023/01/04. 
  11. Now click Add to list
  12. Click on Ok and then on the Next
  13. Choose whether you wish to Export duplicate emails. In this case, we will choose not to export them. 
  14. Click on Next and then Finish. 
  15. Choose a folder for the export and name the file. 
  16. Click on the Finish button. 
  17. You have the option to add a password to the file.

Converting the file to Excel 

That’s how to export Outlook emails by date and time. However, you will notice that the file that we have created above is a .pst file. That’s an Outlook data file. 

It can only be opened in Outlook. If you wish to get an Excel file, you will have to convert the .pst file to that format. The good news is that there are a lot of converters that you can use online for this purpose. Here is a good example

Simply upload the .pst file and it will be exported to an Excel file free of charge. 

Why export Outlook emails by date and time range? 

Now you know how to export Outlook email by date and time range. You also have options to export your files by other parameters. So, why choose a date and time? 

As a business, it’s likely that you receive a lot of emails every day. Being able to filter them is one great way of managing the lot. Otherwise, you could end up having thousands of messages in the CSV file that you are looking to export. 

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