Managing Multiple Email Accounts in Outlook

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If you are continuously switching between various workstations whether remotely or in-house, you will need to know how to manage multiple email accounts in Outlook!

So, if you set up everything perfectly in the first place – you can sleep peacefully at night without getting those major nightmares regarding your uncountable Outlook accounts. Here’s the good news: setting up multiple email accounts in Outlook doesn’t require a full day.

You can easily manage your account like a professional – but for that, scrolling down is mandatory!


Step 1: Set A Default Email Address

Let’s suppose you have already set up your basic email account on Outlook. Now, you have to add an account to set it as your default account.

Now, you have to open Outlook to go to the main menu window and easily access “Tool,” and then click on “Account Settings.” Once you have clicked on it, another new window will pop up where you need to double-check that the “Email” tab is active. Now, Outlook will automatically pick your first account as your default account. You need to ensure you have a “Set as Default” option for your main account, i.e., the primary one. Once you are finished, just close this window!


Step 2: Add Another Account

Once you set up your primary account, it gets extremely simple to set up your multiple accounts. If you aren’t sure what to do – no worries at all, as we have got you covered!

Open Outlook and select the “File” option. You have to select the option “Add Account” and then type the email address to which you want to add an account in Outlook. Once done, click on “Continue,” and then you’ll be asked to type in your password.

If you have four accounts, do this process four times. Ensure to repeat this process as many times as you need to add all your accounts. Once done, you will be asked to enter your new email account password on Outlook. Once you are finished with this – it is time to click on the “Next” option. Then, Outlook will send you a test email to confirm your new account. After that, you will get a “Success” message, which means you can move ahead with the process now by clicking on the “Finish” button. Now, you can easily return to your main page to have access to your brand-new mailbox on the left ribbon. Finally, you will see your new account appear right under the existing boxes.


Step 3: To Switch Between Outlook Accounts

Once you have added all your Outlook accounts, you can easily access all of your inboxes. You can even manage all the inboxes of your accounts using a single Outlook account.

All you need to do is click on “File” then open “Account Settings” and after that, click on “Change Profile”. Then click on Outlook to reopen and easily access any of your accounts from a manageable drop-down list. 


Step 4: To Forward Your Emails

It will get easier for you to set up email forwarding in the Outlook Web App once you set up all your accounts. You can easily transfer it to your desktop version as well.

Start by clicking on “Settings” and then select “View All Outlook Settings”. Now, click on “Mail” and then select “Forwarding”. After that, you can either select “Start Forwarding” or “Stop Forwarding” according to your preferences. Then click “Save” to confirm your new settings. 

It is also possible to set automatic forwarding by clicking on “Do the following” and then select “Forward Messages To” — now, you can forward the email to anyone.

Step 5: Access Your Outlook Accounts Via A Cellular Device

To manage multiple email accounts in Outlook, sometimes it is essential to manage specific operations from your phone. 

Outlook on the desktop will have greater functionality in comparison to the one operating from your phone. You can still find different apps for both Android and iOS to easily manage your tasks.


As a beginner, things may seem daunting, but once you learn how to handle multiple email accounts in Outlook, you’ll soon start handling your accounts like an expert within no time!

To learn how to manage multiple email accounts in Outlook on a desktop and cell phone and to understand how email signature solutions work – you can get help from YouTube videos, leading agencies like Crossware365, which offers various solutions for your needs, or give a quick read to this article!

We have penned down five easy and efficient steps for you, that’ll help you set up your accounts without any difficulty. 

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