How to Add a Second Email Signature in HCL Notes

Do you wish to learn how to add a second email signature in HCL Notes? It’s something that a lot of people have been looking to do. We have previously shown you how to add an email signature in HCL Notes. A lot of people only have one signature for all their emails, but that is hardly the practical way to go. You may wish to have another signature that covers your replies and forwarded messages. The good news is that HCL Notes allows you to add a second signature to cover for this scenario.

Add an email signature for Reply and Forward Messages in HCL Notes

The following is how to add a second email signature in HCL Notes;

  1. Open the Notes client and click on More.
  2. Click on Signature.
  3. Click on the Reply and Forward Messages
  4. Add the signature that you wish to include in your forwarded messages and in replies.
  5. When done, click on OK to save your second signature.

What happens next?

That’s how to add a second email signature in HCL Notes. This is a great option that ensures that people do not receive the same signature across the board. But what happens next?

After you have added your second email signature, it will automatically be added to all your replies and in your forwarded messages. Your default signature will still be appearing in your new messages.

Why have a second email signature

In most instances people use one email signature for new and forwarded messages. The same signature is also used for replies. This works, but it’s not really ideal.

There are instances where you do not really need to give out a lot information about your company in as part of your signature. Let’s say you are replying to someone. Chances are high that they already have your email address, your address and other elements in your email signature.

You may wish to only have them receive an abridged version of your company’s signature. It’s all about trying to remain subtle. To achieve this goal, you may wish to create a second email signature. As we showed you above, that’s easy enough to do.

Create professional email signatures with HCL Notes

Email signatures are great, but they can be a little daunting to manage, particularly as your company grows. There are a number of questions that you will have to face, not least of which involves whether or not you are going to create a responsive signature.

People view their emails from different devices, which can mean your signature may be great on one device and not on others. The answer to this lies in creating responsive signatures.

Another consideration that you may wish to take into account is whether or not you are going to give editing rights to everyone within your company. That’s not always the most ideal of setups.

There are a lot more considerations, all of which can be resolved through the use of our email signature management software. Crossware is one of the most trusted email signature management software that you will be able to find anywhere out there.

We offer an email signature management platform that has specifically been designed for HCL Domino, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365. Our software offers uniformity for email signatures on different devices.

It comes with drag and drop signature blocks that make it easy for anyone to create amazing email signatures. Crossware offers the ability to centrally manage email signatures, even for companies that have thousands of employees.

You also get the option to allow departments to edit elements of the signature to suit their particular needs. Try out Crossware for free today and we guarantee you won’t be going back.

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