5 Little Ways to make your Email Signatures Green



Love this little planet? Want to live and breathe the sustainability / eco-friendly message? Good on you. When it comes to awareness of the environment and caring for it every little bit helps. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of 5 little things that you can do to green up your emails using your email signature.

Keep in mind, that it might be better to test out these tips in email signatures that only appear on emails to your colleagues before sharing them with your external recipients (Crossware Mail Signature lets you auto-attach different signatures for internal/external recipients).

1. Remind Contacts not to print your email

We’re well and truly part of the digital world, right? So why do so many of our colleagues insist on printing out their emails, using these as physical to-do lists then dumping them all in the bin at the end of the week?

A quick and friendly reminder to not print out this email can be a great way to gently remind your colleagues that storing things digitally is a better and more eco-friendly option. Choose a line below, or make your own: Please don’t print this email. Please consider the environment before printing this email. Trees have feelings too, please don’t print this! Paper doesn’t grow on trees. Please print responsibly. Save paper. Don’t print.

2. Share your favorite eco-friendly quotes

Get people in that eco-friendly mood with some environment-loving quotes.

For example:

“The good man is the friend of all living things.” —Gandhi

“He that plants trees loves others besides himself.” —Thomas Fuller 

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.” —Barbara Ward 

3. Share your favorite eco-friendly charities

Whether you support the charity as an organization, personally, or just love what they do, it can be a good idea to raise awareness by adding some text or a graphic about them to your email signature.

A few suggestions of eco-friendly charities include:

Wildlife Conservation Network


National Geographic Society

Environmental Defense Fund

And so many more.

4. Share your favorite eco-friendly Tips

For example:

Saving power can save the planet –  turn off all computers, electronics, and wall sockets at the end of each day.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Please recycle the plastic cups used at the water cooler.

5. Share the latest eco-friendly office initiative/ event

Use your signature to share team events or ideas to green up your office. Add a line of text or a cute little graphic about any challenges you’re keen on. For instance, if you’re doing something for Earth Day, doing a carpooling / no cars to work challenge or something else entirely.

How can we get everyone informed and involved?

Want to apply these centrally to everyone in your organization so every email contains a reminder? An email signature management tool is ideal for this. Try out our tool Crossware Mail Signature – you can add your text and images that will be applied to everyone in the company that you choose in one fell swoop.

Got any tips on greening your emails and email signatures? Let us know in the comments below. 

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