Industry leading Email signature software firm Crossware achieves vital cyber security milestone with SOC 2 compliance   

Press Release – Tuesday, 18th April 2023

Fresh off the back of rapid global expansion, leading email signature software firm Crossware this week achieved a vital cyber security milestone.

Crossware has achieved SOC 2 compliance validating their continued improvements in information security practices showing the organisation can defend itself against cyber-attacks and prevent breaches.

With over a million subscribers worldwide Crossware is responsible for developing a world-leading centralised email management solution that provides companies the ability to utilise emails as a key marketing asset by allowing them full control over design and business-wide deployment. 

“Due to our size and global reach, Crossware has made a company-wide commitment to improving our cyber security posture,” said Crossware General Manager Peter Molyneux.

“Achieving SOC 2 compliance is a key step in an ongoing journey that we are taking as a business to strengthen our security posture. Working with independent auditors and cyber security experts we maintain a consistent approach to continually monitor our digital profile.” 

SOC 2 compliance indicates that an organisation maintains a high-level of information security. Strict compliance requirements (validated through third party audits) are developed to help ensure sensitive information is managed and handled in a responsible manner. 

To achieve SOC 2 compliance an organisation needs to meet the following requirements: 

  • Access controls—logical and physical restrictions on assets to prevent access by unauthorised personnel.
  • Change management—a-controlled process for managing changes to IT systems, and methods for preventing unauthorised changes.
  • System operations—controls that can monitor ongoing operations, detect, and resolve any deviations from organisational procedures.
  • Mitigating risk—methods and activities that allow the organisation to identify risks, as well as respond and minimise them while addressing any subsequent business.

For Crossware Managing Director Troy Adams, the effort required to meet the SOC 2 requirements was worth it, given the rapidly changing cyber security landscape.

“As a business with a global footprint and that is working with thousands of companies and over a million end users it is absolutely critical that we apply the highest possible cyber security standards across every single aspect of our operations,” said Mr Adams. 

“We take information security extremely seriously at Crossware and this compliance measure is part of an array of measures we are seeking to protect our clients and our own operations.” 

Crossware is a New Zealand success story with its software used annually on 1.8 billion emails across 80 countries – representing a 10 per cent share of the global email market. It was acquired in 2021 by the eKomi Group – a leading eCommerce partner for online retailers. 

It is responsible for developing a world-leading email solution for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange and HCL Domino, allowing businesses to utilise this everyday communications tool as a valuable marketing asset. 

This software is in high demand among both large corporates and small to medium-sized businesses as it allows them the ability to quickly design and deploy fully compliant, branded e-signatures across organisations in a matter of minutes – signature management can be done as easy for thousands of employees as it is 10. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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