How to Change or Update Email Signature in Outlook? 

Do you wish to find out how to change or update your email signature in Outlook? We have previously highlighted that email signatures are an important element in business communications. Whether you are a one man operation or a large business employing thousands of people, email signatures are a good way of promoting your brand while providing additional information to your contacts. So, what information can you include in your email signature? You can include your company’s logo, your address, social media icons and links, among other things. You are here because you now wish to change your email signature. How do you do that?  

Steps to change an email signature 

The following is how to change or update your email signature in Outlook;  

  1. In Outlook click on File 
  2. Next, go to Options 
  3. Click on Mail 
  4. Open Signatures 
  5. You will see a list of your email signatures. Choose the one that you wish to edit.  
  6. Edit your signature to include the new information.  
  7. Save your changes before exiting.  

Why change your email signature?  

That’s how to update your email signature in Outlook 365. But why would you do this? There could be a number of reasons why you have decided to take this move. Perhaps there have been changes in your business’ details.  

Perhaps you have acquired a new email address or maybe you have moved to another location. It could also be the case that your job description has been updated, maybe due to a promotion. Whatever your reasons, it’s very important to keep the details that appear on your email signature up to do date.  

Who are email signatures for?  

So far in this article, we have shown you how to update your email signature in Outlook 365. It’s important to understand, in any case, the importance of email signatures. Who are they for?  

Email signatures are mostly for businesses that wish to take their correspondences to the next level. If you wish to have people take your brand seriously, then email signatures are one of the elements in your toolkit.  

An email signature is usually placed at the bottom of your emails. Most people prefer to have this done automatically, though you can set your Outlook to have signatures manually placed. But what information does an email signature provide?  

An email signature should contain all of the business’ contact details. That includes your address, links to your website and your social media pages. Not only that, but an email signature should also include your logo. It’s a good way of cementing your brand’s identity in your contacts’ minds.  

It’s worth noting here that even individuals can have email signatures. They are not just for those in the business environment. They are a good way through which you can provide additional details about yourself to your contacts.   

Centrally manage your email signatures with Crossware365 

As business grow big, it becomes a bit difficult to manage email signatures for everyone. Perhaps you want to have different departments sent out emails with slightly different signatures. Or maybe you wish to remove signatures for internal correspondences.  

It can also be difficult to manage editing rights for your email signatures. You may not want a situation where everyone is able to edit your signature. Most businesses prefer to have centralized management of email signatures. That way, you won’t encounter the problems that we have outlined above.  

If, as an example, you allow everyone to create their own signature, you could end up doing a disservice to your brand. People access their emails using different devices, and it’s important to have responsive email signatures that appear great whether they are being viewed on a mobile phone or on a computer.  

What you need is software that’s specifically designed to make it easy for you to manage your 0365 email signatures. This is where Crossware365 comes into play. We are one of the most recognized email signature management software companies that you will be able to find anywhere out there.  

Our software has over a million users around the world and we are a certified Microsoft partner. Our software allows businesses to create custom rules for their email signatures. As an example, you can choose to have your signature removed for all internal correspondences.  

Crossware allows businesses to centralize management of their email signatures, while still retaining the option to have different departments within your firm customize their signatures to suit their particular needs.  

The really great thing about signatures that are created using Crossware 365 is that they are responsive. Your signature will look great on all devices. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial today to explore the power of Crossware 365.   


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