Email Signature Management for Enterprise

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An email signature can be a basic footnote or generic sign-off that clients become used to seeing, or it can be an eye-catching banner in a sea of black and white. Branding, marketing campaigns or advertising – all are important reasons to pay attention to your email signatures and utilise the otherwise empty space.

Crossware Mail Signature\’s enterprise offerings were created due to customer feedback.
First up, Crossware Mail Signature for Enterprise Private Cloud, a powerful world-first solution with all the same award-winning features and benefits of our standard offering but with an additional layer of security for organisations who can\’t loop through a 3rd party.

This world-leading Enterprise solution processes emails in a closed loop within your own Azure Infrastructure.

Offering an easy and professional solution for email signature management from any device, Crossware Mail Signature for Enterprise Private Cloud is the only secure Enterprise solution.

Up next, is Crossware\’s innovative Dynamic Signature Suite, made up of both Dynamic Signature – Viewer and Dynamic Signature – Add-In. Without the need for additional set up and the added peace-of-mind due to checking your email signatures in a web browser, the powerful Dynamic Signature Suite is truely world-leading.

Email Signature Management for Enterprise Private cloud is the world-first email signature solution hosted on your own Azure infrastructure.  It has all the same award-winning features as our standard offer but with an extra level of additional security.


Find out more about our World-leading Enterprise solution here.


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