How to Set a Default Signature in Outlook 365?

Do you wish to find out how to set a default email signature in Outlook 365? Email signatures are important in business. They help in a wide range of ways, including by giving a business’ brand greater visibility.   

Email signatures are also an important way of transmitting useful information. That includes  a company’s address and other contact details. You can also add social media icons and links to your signature. That way people will be able to explore your brand a bit more on various platforms. They will also be able to share with others, thus spreading the work about you.  

Most people will have multiple email signatures. It then becomes possible for them to choose a signature depending on the nature of the message that they are sending. However, this situation is far from ideal. It’s way better to have a default signature.  

Once you have done this, your signature will be automatically upended to all your emails. Putting things on automatic eliminates the ever present chance that you will forget to add a signature to some of your emails. This inconsistency can be damaging to a brand’s image. But how do you choose a default email signature in Outlook?  

Steps to choose a default email signature in Outlook 

The following is how to set a default email signature in Outlook;  

  1. Open Outlook and create a new message.  
  2. Click on Message 
  3. Choose Signature and then Signatures 
  4. Go to Select Signature to edit 
  5. Go to Choose default signature and on New messages, click on the drop down arrow and choose the signature that you wish to set as the default.  
  6. Repeat the process on Replies/forwards 
  7. When done, click on OK 

What happens next?  

That’s how to set a default email signature in Outlook 365. There are other ways through which you can achieve the same results, but the steps given above are some of the simplest. But what happens when you have chosen a default signature?  

It simply means all your future messages will have the signature that you have chosen. Your signature will be added automatically, thus removing the need for you to remember this step. Choosing a default email signature is important , particularly for people who send out a lot of emails on a daily basis. In that case, it can be difficult to add a signature on each.  


Having a default email signature is great, but it comes with its challenges. It means your signature will be added to all emails coming from the chosen address. That’s probably not ideal, unless you have an email address for work and a separate one for your personal use.  

What can happen is that you could end up having your signature added even in instances where you don’t want to have it appear. Just to give an example, the above steps add an email signature to all messages, including those that are sent internally.  

That’s probably not what most people are looking for. In fact, we have previously written about this issue. Automatically setting an email signature removes the ability for you to choose an appropriate signature. Perhaps you wish to send different ones depending on the circumstances.  

What solutions are there to these issues?  

Clearly, there are challenges to setting an automatic email signature. Fortunately, there are solutions to this issue. One easy solution is to choose a reputable email signature solutions for O365 company such as Crossware.  

We are one of the best know companies in this regard. Our software is used by over a million people around the world and we specialize in Microsoft 365, HCL Domino and Microsoft Exchange. Crossware comes with the following benefits;  

  1. Custom rules that enable you to choose when and where you wish to have each email signature applies. As an example, you can choose to have a signature block applied only on external emails. That eliminates the challenges that we mentioned above.  
  2. A centralized email signature system that ensures that there is consistency even for big companies.  
  3. Stunning templates that you can use for your business.  
  4. A drag and drop email signature platform that makes it possible for anyone to create amazing signatures.  
  5. Responsive email signatures that look good both on large and small screens.  

Sign up for a free trial today 

Crossware is the one of the world’s best solutions for those looking to create email signatures that bring results. You can explore what we have been talking about by signing up for a Crossware free trial today. The trial is for a period of 30 days.  


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