The Importance of Compliant Email


In the technological business age we\’ve reached a point that, no matter the size of your organisation, an email signature is an expected part of any robust marketing strategy.  A name, title, company logo, disclaimer and links to a website or social platform will help prove legitimacy and build trust with the customer.  But that trust means nothing if the signature isn\’t compliant.

With so many marketers now realising that email signatures are a key part to every marketing strategy, another focus needs to be compliance – both with the email content and regulations such as GDPR, Can-SPAM, etc. So marketers, compliance officers and HR need to always stay up-to-date and ensure that marketing emails are only being sent to those who have opted-in.

Ensuring your emails are compliant by utilising your email signature – There are a lot of options when creating your custom email signatures, and just like any other piece of marketing they need to be kept up to date. Current branding, contact details and correct sales banners and full disclaimers are just some simple ways to stay compliant and make sure both company and customer are protected.  One way of doing this, is by using Crossware Mail Signature\’s Signature Designer – where you can edit your signature by blocks.

On top of making sure your message is conveyed correctly and the customer is treated fairly, compliance is another way to show the customer that they\’re valued.  Avoid being vague and your customers with clear up-to-date information and company values.

Be the email signature that stands out, educates customers, and evolves as your business grows. But make it count by keeping it compliant.

Most, if not all employees will be sending emails daily. These can be to customers, clients, customers, prospects, staff, future staff etc. and your business needs to be presented in the best way possible – at all times. This doesn\’t just mean consistent branding, it also includes a disclaimer, the correct email, job titile, correct company information and more.

So, what is a disclaimer?

When it comes to email signatures, these can be the difference between a company being held accountable and not. We\’ve all seen a disclaimer saying \’the contents of this email are for the intended recipient and contains confidential and privileged information….\” and it\’s important because it ensures- make sure your disclaimer is added to every email signature sent from your business today!

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