Adding Pronouns into Email Signatures



You are sure to have noticed an increase in the presence of pronouns, whether it\’s on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or on professional Email Signatures.
This is a newer trend in the business world, and more people are choosing to add the chosen pronoun to their profiles and any communication they send, ie. on their email.

What is a Pronoun?

As Stuff NZ says,  \’A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun. There are many types, used as subjects (‘’that looks yummy\’’), objects (‘’give it to me’’), or to indicate possession (‘’hey! that’s mine’’), and so on.\’
Without pronouns, you would refer to everyone by using their name. Ie. Mike has an assignment due, as opposed to \’he  has an assignment due\’ and \’I found Mike\’s phone in the kitchen\’ as opposed to \’I found his phone in the kitchen\’

Why add a Pronoun?

Adding a pronoun allows people to know, and not assume, one\’s identity and can create a safe and healthy environment online – while taking any guesswork away.
Metro UK states that \”Accidental misgendering happens if you incorrectly assume someone’s gender based on their name or how they look.\” so adding one\’s gender eliminates that.

Anything a customer or client is willing to share can be an opportunity to learn how to better communicate or tailor services to them.
To a lot of people, adding a pronoun is also seen as a way of being inclusive. Building customer loyalty these days can also mean aligning yourself with inclusive values – Taking note of, and using someone\’s preferred pronouns is another simple way you can show that your business is doing everything they can to cater to all customers.

How to add a Pronoun to an email signature, using Crossware Mail Signature?

You can easily add pronouns to email signatures using Crossware Mail Signature. Your admin would simply add a pronouns field. If you need assistance, please contact us and we can help.

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