Optimising Dynamic Signatures For Popular Mobile Email Apps


The email landscape has shifted. Nowadays users manage their emails on mobile apps and dynamic signatures are one of the powerful tools that has adapted your email signature based on context and device.

But how can digital signatures help you to experience across the popular mobile email applications? Here in this article, we will discuss the optimisation of dynamic signatures for mobile and find some practical tips that can make your signature look sharp and deliver impact, no matter the recipient’s device.

Dynamic signatures are digitalised versions of handwritten signatures that are optimised for mobile during their design phase. Its optimisation is usually the designer’s job to decide whether the signature looks good on the mobile app or its software or not.

Do you know that you can even add some interesting information about the application in your application’s digitalised signature? This might seem new to you, but have you ever thought about how a signature can look squished or take up enough space on your device? Well, you will find it after reading this article.

Why Aren’t Dynamic Signatures Responsive To Screen Sizes?

You must be thinking that dynamic signatures offer great features for emails, but let us tell you creating responsive versions for mobile apps can be tricky. Its traditional methods rely on HTML headers, which most mobile email clients don’t include when sending. You can also apply three different approaches to create your mobile email application design: scalable design, fluid design, and responsive design.

Here we have some of the alternative ways that can make sure that your signature looks mobile-friendly across popular apps:

Add Smaller Images

If you want your dynamic signature to look perfect, then make sure not to change its size and keep it small. In this way, your screen won’t have any kind of chunky displays, and it will provide a smooth and amazing mobile experience for your recipients.

Be Smart With Your Template

Okay, here you have to show your creative side. Want to know how you can do that? Suppose your signature or logo is wide, then you can try vertical templates. If it is small, then a horizontal template can be a good option for you.

You can also choose the best banner options, like double trouble or solo stacks for mobile according to your selected designs. This pattern or technique can make your application look professional as well as mobile-friendly. Isn’t that great?

Separate Long Addresses On To More Than One Line

If you want your mobile email applications to have clear readability, then we suggest you divide your dynamic signature into different lines depending on your signature or requirements. The best thing about separating the addresses is that there are multiple software that can help you a lot and make your task so easy.

Shorten Email Address And Website Links Text

Do you want your email address and website to have an attractive look? If, so then you have to create short email and website links, or else your dynamic signature would ruin the whole look of your page or message.

What we would suggest to make your application look interesting is that instead of adding the complete address, you can use clear but concise texts like contact us or visit our website and connect or link them to the actual URLs that are behind the scenes.

You can also take online services like URL shortening services to create more interesting versions of your application links that can direct users or your customers to the desired location of your page or app.

Avoid Attachments

If you want your dynamic signatures to look good then try to avoid any unnecessary attachments in the signatures. There are so many chances that your client might get irritated after receiving those attachments, and block your emails and signatures as unmanageable files.

Do you want to have a smooth experience? Then, make sure to add a link to your website or application. This will make your online portfolio, documents, applications, and other content look engaging.

Legal Disclaimers And Privacy Notices

Optimising your mobile email application can be easy if you add some legal disclaimers or privacy notices to your signature. All you need to do is keep them brief for mobile readability. Suppose you can add a quote like this email, but the attached files are confidential. Your notification will not only make your signature look authentic, but you will get quite a positive response from this.

Test And Optimise

This might seem unimportant to many people, but let us tell you, if you really want a flawless mobile experience, you have to test your dynamic signature across different devices, email apps, and orientations, whether they are portrait or landscape. Testing can play a huge role in speeding things up by compressing images and keeping code lean.

As you know, your dynamic signature is literally the digital version of a handshake. These amazing tips will surely help you create a mobile-friendly signature for your mobile email signature that can reflect your professionalism and brand. This will definitely leave a long-lasting impression on every recipient, no matter what their application is.

Best Practices For A Smooth User Experience

If you want your mobile applications to be optimised and solve the queries of your customers then you have to follow some basic practices. Most users currently prefer mobile devices as they are more convenient and it has become a major part of technology, their qualities make them unique.

Here are some of the practices for your dynamic signature that can make your mobile email application experience smoother:

  •     Professionalism
  •     Branding
  •     Consistent across devices
  •     Accessible
  •     Contact Information
  •     Formatting
  •     Adaptable to different viewing modes
  •     Limited screen space
  •     Clear and readable
  •     Quick communication
  •     Faster loading times
  •     Easy maintenance

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the features of dynamic email signatures that can help you to optimise mobile email applications you can surely get its support to make a popular and attractive email application. It’s a unique way to share information and templates with the users.

So, it’s time for you to use that signature to optimise your digital app and create a smoother experience for your clients, but wait. Before that, you have to know your audience and then optimise it accordingly.

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