How to Add Gender Pronouns in an email signature? 

Do you wish to learn how to add Gender pronouns to an email signature? Over the past few years, Gender pronouns have become a common feature in email signatures. That’s a reflection of the diverse world in which we live today.   

In this regard, genders are no longer restricted to male and female. It has become common for people to include their gender pronouns, not only in emails, but also in social feeds and on business cards. Many companies have taken the conscious decision to embrace this diversity by including gender pronouns in their email signatures. 

Adding gender pronouns to your emails signature 

Adding personal pronouns to your email signature is easy enough, whatever the email client that you may be using. If you use the Crossware email signature management platform, then you can add your pronoun as part of the process of creating a new signature.  

Crossware also allows you to edit an existing signature to add your gender pronouns. This is something that can be accomplished within the space of a few minutes. You can add your pronouns in front of your name. You can also add them underneath your name and title.   

Common gender pronouns 

We have already noted that the world is no longer restricted to two genders; male and female. The following are some of the pronouns that can be used in email signatures;  

  • She, her, hers 
  • He, him, his 
  • They, them, theirs 

Example of use 

John Smith
Content Writer at
Pronouns: They, Them, theirs
Phone: 858.000.2230

Why include gender pronouns in your email signature? 

Why should businesses bother with gender pronouns in email signatures? The world in which we live is no longer restricted to male and female. Adding gender pronouns may not appear to be important if you have always identified with one gender.  

But if you have transitioned, of if your identify with neither of the traditional genders, it makes sense to include your pronouns in your signature.  

Workforce mobility across the globe also makes it important to specify an individual’s gender pronouns in all correspondences. If you have workers who hail from all parts of the world, it may be difficult for someone reading just their names to tell whether they are male, female or some other gender.  

Similarly, many names are gender neutral. Again, that calls for the inclusion of pronouns in email signatures. In fact, quite a number of companies have now adopted the policy of including gender pronouns for all employees. That’s a good way of showing the company’s diversity.  

Properly handling the issue of Gender pronouns at a company level 

The issue of gender pronouns can be rather sensitive, which is why it needs to be handled carefully. It’s easy enough if you are an individual to decide that you wish to include yours in your email signature and on your social media page and business cards.  

But what if it’s a company? Should all employees be forced to include personal pronouns in their signatures as a sign of diversity? The answer is no. As a manager, one thing that you need to do is to talk to everyone to make sure that they understand the importance of having gender pronouns. But never make it a forced decision. If you try to force the issue, you are going to encounter a lot of resistance from your employees.  

Crossware can help you manage your email signatures 

In this article we showed you how to add gender pronouns in an email signature. Email signatures are something that we specialize in at Crossware. We offer one of the world’s most recognizable email signature management platforms.  

We specialize in Microsoft 365, HCL Domino and Microsoft Exchange. With our easy to use platform, you can centralize management of email signatures within your business. The drag and drop email signature creation tools that we offer mean you will be able to create professional looking signatures in no time.  

One challenge that people face with regards to is creating email signatures that look good across different devices. The good news is that Crossware allows businesses to come up with responsive email signatures. It means your signatures will look good whether they are access on a mobile phone or on a big screen.  


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