How to Add Fun and Eye-Catching Variations to Your Email Signatures?

Should email signatures remain static, or should you strive to make yours fun and inspiring? It’s a very controversial subject. Email signatures are meant to put readers of your messages at ease while promoting your business and brand. When used correctly, they can increase your click-through-rate by as much as 22%. But, is it possible to boost this figure through the inclusion of fund and eye-catching variations in your email signatures? The answer is yes, but you need to do it carefully.  

How to make your email signatures more interesting? 

No matter what you may have heard out there, email signatures do not have to be drab. There is a lot that you can do to make them exciting while retaining a high degree of professionalism. The following are some of the things that you can do to make your email signatures eye-catching;  

Add funny quotes 

One way through which you can spice up your email signature is by adding funny quotes. Be mindful of the context, however, when doing so.  

Funny quotes are great when communicating within your organization. But do they work when corresponding with potential clients for the first time? Probably not. So, it can be a difficult subject to navigate around.  

You can neutralize the potentially negative impact by talking about the environment as an example. Something like “no trees were harmed in the making of this email,” would be appropriate whatever the context.   

The environment is something that’s relatively neutral. However, if the email is being sent to people with whom you are very familiar, you probably won’t need to worry about your attempt at humour being received negatively.  

Add social media icons and links 

Another way through which you can spruce up the look of your email signature is by adding social media icons. These days most businesses have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on other social networking platforms.  

You should include your business’ social media icons on your email signature not only to spruce up its look, but also to allow for sharing of your business with a wider audience. It’s a good way of gaining marketing mileage without having to pay for it.  

Social media icons break the monotony that can be a drawback in text-only email signatures. They help your signature become more eye-catching.  

Create html email signatures 

Plain text email signatures may be the easiest to make, but they are not the best in terms of catching the eyes of your messages’ recipients. Instead, you should create HTML email signatures.  

They are great because not only do they contain text, but they can also be formatted to add colour elements to that text. HTML signatures can also include images, logos, links and other elements.  

These are elements that can liven up a rather drab email signature. The idea is to catch the eye of whoever is reading your email. Being able to do that allows you to further reach out to the person in various ways.  

Add an animated GIF to your signature 

This is another element that you can add to your email signatures to make they more fun and eye catching. Remember here that we are trying to give our signatures as much visibility as we can without going beyond the realms of professionalism.  

We have already noted that you can add logos to your email signatures. A logo for a business should be consistent if it is to be remembered. An animated GIF works in the same way. In fact, your logo can be in the form of an animated GIF. It doesn’t have to be static.  

Add a video to your signature 

Similarly, you can add a video to your email signature to make it more fun and appealing. The video will be hosted on YouTube or on another platform. You will then have a thumbnail linking to the video as part of your signature. Make it small and simple. Do it right and it will be too tempting an element for readers of your email to pass up.  

Animate your logo 

Your company’s logo should feature prominently on your email signature. The idea is to hammer it into people’s minds to such an extent that it will become easily recognizable should they encounter it somewhere else.  

Most company logos are flat and static. That’s great, but you can liven things up by animating your company’s logo. Doing this makes your logo more memorable than a static logo. It helps build trust in your brand among the people with whom you are communicating.  

Add exciting offers to your email signatures 

Do you know that it’s possible to add offers to your email signatures to make them more appealing? It’s something that a lot of businesses have been doing. The majority of times, people’s eyes simply glide over email signatures without reading their content.  

Any signature has its work cut out for it by the fact that it is placed at the bottom of the email. Most people never really check out what’s on there. You can catch their eyes through a small banner offering 10% discount on their next purchase, as an example.  

That way the signature becomes not just a static tool at the end of your messages. It becomes are true marketing tool, helping you get more sales for your business.  

Be mindful of the context 

That’s how to add fun and eye-catching variations to your email signatures. We do need to emphasize here, though that making your email signature fun and eye-catching is all very well, but it’s something that you need to be careful about.  

A lot of people find inspiration quotes in business emails rather annoying, as an example. So, it’s probably not something that you should add when communicating with people for the first time. Inspirational quotes will work well, however, for internal emails.  

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