Adding Christmas Theme to Email Signatures

It’s that time of year already! Time to bring out your design skills and create a creative Christmas email signature. Whether it’s for your business or just your personal email, everyone appreciates a Christmas email signature. I’ve pulled together some examples that I’ve seen from previous years, as well as our own.

The first example is from our friends ID Technology from the UK. Each year during December they add a Christmas message and a santa hat to their usual logo.

They have added a ‘rule’ within Crossware Mail Signature to automatically update the signature when the month is December. When December ends, their logo will return to the original version.


Crossware Christmas email signature

Here at Crossware, we include a small banner advertisement at the bottom of our emails. So during December, the Crossware superhero puts on his hat and I simply update the banner to a new Christmas message. The banner will then be included at the bottom of everyone’s email signature.

Blush Pink & Burgundy Feminine Email Signature - Edited


The banner resizes perfectly for mobile and is included on every mobile email being sent from Crossware employees. The sizing of any imagery in your email signature is important to consider. Anything larger than 500px will likely cause the email to resize, making the text difficult to read.

Free HTML Christmas email signature

Below is an HTML Christmas email signature ready for you to download, edit and apply to your emails.


  1. Download the file below by entering your name and email address.
  2. Open up Notepad on your computer.
  3. Go to File > Open…
  4. Change the file type to All Files (*.*)
  5. Navigate to your Downloads folder or wherever you saved the HTML file.
  6. Locate the Christmas email signature.html file and click Open.
  7. You can now freely edit the HTML and then copy this and paste it in your chosen email signature tool, such as Crossware Mail Signature.

As noted above, how you add your signature depends on what tool you are using to add email signatures. It requires a tool that accepts HTML code for designing, like Crossware Mail Signature.

How can we add an email signature in outlook?

Crossware is the perfect email signature software for the Christmas Season. You can add one of our Christmas-themed banners or GIFs to your signature, as shown above, or you can upload your own holiday image or GIF.

Can I setup Christmas Email Signatures in Microsoft Outlook?

With Crossware it's simple to do this. Sign up, pick a template, insert your information, and change the colours. After that, select "Export to Outlook." You're ready to go once you copy and paste your signature into the Outlook signature settings. Get the holiday spirit going!

Can I add GIFs to my email signatures?

To make your email signatures extra special you can add GIFs to your emails. If you’d like to upload your own images to create a Christmas-themed GIF, we recommend using images that are 90 X 90 pixels.

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