Fix: “Text description automatically generated” Outlook Email Signature 

If you have been getting the “text description automatically generated” error in Outlook, this article is for you. We have several posts on this site in which we showed you how to add email signatures in Outlook. Email signatures are important within the business environment. But they do not always work as planned. One common issue that you may encounter is the “text description automatically generated issue.” The good news is that this is a problem that can be easily resolved.  

Where does this issue appear? 

You are likely to see the text description automatically generated issue when you go through the Sent items in Outlook. It may also appear when composing an email. You then start questioning yourself whether recipients of your emails are also getting similar text instead of getting your signature.  

Causes and Solutions 

Having your email signature stripped of images and logos can be a big problem, particularly when you are exchanging business emails. Your signature represents your brand, and you need it to be as good as it can be. Otherwise people will start thinking you are less than professional. So, what causes this issue?  

Setting your messages to plain text 

One possible cause of this issue is if you have set your messages to Plain Text format. That becomes a problem if you have an email signature that has images. Outlook will automatically strip these images off so the message is in Plain Text. You can solve this particular issue in the following way;  

  1. Click on File in Outlook.  
  2. Go to Options 
  3. Click on Mail 
  4. On Compose messages, choose HTML on the Compose message in this format section.  
  5. When done, click on OK 

Conflict with extensions and addons 

The issue can also be caused by conflict with extensions or addons. You can check whether or not that is the issue by accessing Outlook in safe mode.  

To do that, you need to click on the Window + R keys. That will open the run dialog box. Type Outlook.exe /safe and click on the OK button.  

Outlook will now be opened in safe mode. Compose your email and see whether or not images are now appearing as normal on your email signature.  

Set your own alt text 

When you add an image to your signature in Outlook, a text description is added to that image. This is also referred to as the alt text. This text is meant to describe your image. It’s there for those instances when your image cannot appear for one reason or the other.  

If you do not wish to have “text description automatically generated,” appear in your emails, you can prevent this by adding your own alt text. This alt text should contain a meaningful description of your business.  

All that you need to do to add your own alt text is to right click on the image. Choose Edit Alt Text and type in the appropriate description of your image. An example would be “24hr Electrical Repair Company, Sydney.” In this case should the image fail to appear as it should, then the person reading your email will see this text.   

Try Crossware for the best email signatures 

Your email signature represents your brand, and as such, it should act as an impeccable ambassador. That becomes challenging in the event that your correspondences get messages from you where the logos and images do not appear right.  

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