Email Signatures for Employee Advocacy and Social Sharing

Email Signatures for Employee Advocacy and Social Sharing


These days, improving the email signatures of a brand and lifting employee advocacy can massively impact the company’s engagement and reach.

The business sector is all about its online presence. That’s why it is recommended for business owners to focus on every minor detail that can add value to their business. One such detail is the email signature. Although it is not as minor as it seems, it has a huge impact on the brand’s image. 

Marketers and brand owners who have forgotten the power of the humble email signature are facing difficulty in building a business reputation. But those who know its importance are jumping on the bandwagon with the latest technology of email signatures. Sales & Marketing, IT, HR, and Legal can each have their own email signatures. In addition, all email signatures can all be centralised.

These signatures add to employee advocacy when your employees send emails with a customised email signature to their circles. This, in some ways, spreads the name of your brand. 

In this article, we have highlighted the worth of email signatures for employee advocacy and social sharing and everything you need to know!

Email Signatures

Why Do Email Signatures Matter for a Business?

1. To Establish Brand Presence

Email signatures are a perfect way to allow marketers and brand owners to stay consistent with the workflow with a full touch of professionalism. It enhances the company’s brand elements like colours, logo, and tagline. It works on building a strong personality of the brand in every email sent.

2. Personalising Communication

Email signatures allow the employees to add a personal touch to the brand. They can add their names, contact details, email addresses, and other important details that are necessarily required for the clients. Blending personality into a brand helps clients connect better with business owners or employees. It further assists in having a transparent relationship between both parties based on trust while giving a green signal to have accessibility in communication.

3. Skyrocketing Reach

You get a chance to boost the reach of your social media accounts by following this simple email tool- you can incorporate links to add social media icons, blog posts, or company updates to the email signature generator. An email signature assists in transforming every email into an opportunity to engage with the business across online platforms.

4. Better Engagement

Marketers and brand owners must work for the growth of the company in the best way. They need to focus on making solid engagement strategies, including the perfect calls-to-action (CTAs) like – “Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the current issues,” “Check out our latest blog post,” etc. These powerful prompts must have the power to grab the attention of the audience and force them to click on the specific prompt!

Key Elements of an Effective Email Signature

  1. Name and Title: You have to start with the basics. Include the employee’s full name and current job position to build credibility and clarity in communication.
  2. Contact Information: Try to provide important contact details, including phone number and email address, to make it easy for recipients to reach out if needed.
  3. Brand Logo: Incorporate the company logo in the professional email signature, as it will help in increasing brand visibility.
  4. Social Media Links: The best is to include clickable links to the employee’s professional social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, so the audience can easily connect and engage on various platforms.
  5. Legal Disclaimers: It is better if you include necessary legal disclaimers or confidentiality notices at the end of the email signature to ensure your brand’s visibility and enhanced personality.

Best Practices to Consider for Email Signatures

  • Keep It Simple: Every marketer includes information and graphics in their emails, but extremely cluttered email signatures can be counterproductive.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: It is important to have a mobile-friendly signature design template that can be easily operated through a cell phone, as with each passing day, phones are taking the place of laptops or tablets.
  • Consistency is Key: You need to stay consistent. For that, establish guidelines for beautiful email signatures across your business so it will get easier to maintain consistency.
  • Employee Training: Teach employees the importance of email signatures editor as a tool for advocacy and social sharing. Provide them with guidelines and assist them in creating incredible signatures aligned with company goals.

Email Signatures Help with Employee Advocacy and Social Sharing

  1. Branding: By having consistent branding of email signatures templates, the tagline, company logo, and colours aid in business recognition.
  2. Professionalism: A perfectly email signature design helps in boosting the professional image of employees in front of the audience. It provides contact information, job title, and company details that help in making communications more credible and transparent.
  3. Content Promotion: By adding links to webpages, blogs, etc, the viewers get a chance to engage with the content.
  4. Social Media Integration: Email signatures can be featured on employees’ social media profiles. This makes it easy for the audience to connect with them on social media platforms, which increases the social reach.
  5. Employee Advocacy: Including the company’s hashtags or social media buttons in the email signatures of employees promotes brand advocacy. So, when an employee shares company updates or content on his social networks, it increases visibility and engagement.

Start Creating your Email Signature with Crossware!

Since digital communication is taking the lead, email signature represents a valuable tool for employee advocacy and social sharing. To have a solid strategy that will help you in crafting an excellent email signature, companies can enhance the influence of their workforce to boost their brand reach, get skyrocketing engagement, and build meaningful connections with the audience.

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