What is Email Signature Marketing and How can Business Use it to Generate Sales?  

What is Email Signature Marketing and How can Business Use it to Generate Sales?  

What is email signature marketing and how can businesses use it to generate leads? It’s a question that we get every now and again from some of our customers. At Crossware, we are the go-to company for those looking for professional email signature management. Our tools were created out of the recognition that email signatures are an important tool in every business’ marketing arsenal.  

However, for most people, email signatures are meant to convey information without necessarily being tools for directly selling products. Most signatures will have the email sender’s personal details, as an example. That could be their name, address and title. Email signatures now also have social media icons and links that take people to a business’ social media pages.  

Definition of email signature marketing 

Email signature marketing goes beyond these basics to promote a business’ products and services. That is usually achieved through the use of banners that appear under the above-mentioned items. These banners are usually clickable. They take anybody who clicks on them to a landing page where people can buy your products and services, or where they can get more information about a product or service.  

Elements of Email Signature Advertising 

Emails signature marketing is sometimes referred to as email signature advertising. But what are the essential elements of email signature marketing? What is it that should be included in email signature advertising?  

A banner 

A banner is probably the most essential element in email signature marketing. It’s how you promote whatever it is that you are selling. Let’s say you have a couple of offers that you would like to pitch to people reading your emails.  

You can use a banner to get the word across. The good news is that banners do not need to be static. You can have one in the form of a GIF, allowing you to draw people’s attention towards your offers.  

A landing page 

A landing page is another important element in email signature marketing. When people click on the banner that you are using to sell your products or services, where are they going to go?  

It would be a waste to conclude your offers within the confines of the banner in your signature. It’s way better to create a landing page that’s designed to turn people’s interest in sales.  

One of the greatest failings by people is not putting time to create professional landing pages. A landing page is where you can convince a person to buy your products.  

If you are not able to create one yourself, it’s best to hire professionals to do it on your behalf. The landing page can have a wide range of elements, depending on what you are promoting in your email signature.  

As an example, you can have a landing page that’s dedicated to a particular product. You can also have a landing page that showcases multiple products. It’s best, in any case, to narrow your focus to the things that you are promoting in your signature.  

Basic email signature elements 

Any email signature that is used for marketing purposes will also have all the essential elements of an email signature. We have already mentioned some of them above. The following are some of the components of an email signature;  

  • Name and surname 
  • Job title 
  • Phone number  
  • Email 
  • Social media icons and links 
  • CTA 
  • Disclaimer  
  • Legal Requirements. 
  • Photo  
  • Logo 

How to succeed in email signature marketing? 

What is it that you need to do in order to succeed at email signature marketing? It’s an important question. Your email signature already has its work cut out for it, appearing as it does at the bottom of your message. It’s a place that many people never bother exploring, so, what can you do to improve the odds?  

Make sure that everything looks good 

The starting point, when it comes to email signature marketing, is to make sure that everything looks good. Just as an email signature can do a lot to promote your business, it can also become a liability for your brand.  

A signature that looks less than professional will likely put your prospects off. So, make sure that you have a professional email signature. That’s something that we, at Crossware, can help you achieve. We are one of the biggest email signature solutions providers across the globe.  

Our tools enable businesses to quickly create top range email signatures that look good on all devices. That’s important considering the fact that people access their emails from different screens. So, you need to have a signature that looks great on both large and on small screens.  

Create an eye-catching banner 

We have already stated that you can create email signatures that are not static. Your banner can be in the form of a gif that’s designed to capture people’s attention.  

With email signature marketing, you can expect to convert 0.25% of the people who get your emails. You can improve the odds by making your banner eye catching.  

Make the right pitch to the right people 

Another important consideration when it comes to email signature marketing is being able to make the right pitch to the right people. You should know the people who you are corresponding with.  

Create a banner that’s designed to answer their questions, and you will be able to capture their attention. Remember each person is unique. Depending on the nature of your business, it may actually be necessary to create dedicated marketing materials for different people.  

Track the performance of your campaigns 

Last but not least, you need to keep an eye of how well you are performing in your email signature marketing campaigns. How many clicks have been getting on your banner?  

What’s your conversion rate? But how do you answer these questions? There are a number of tools that can be used to track your performance. Probably the best of these is Google Analytics. You can use it to monitor how people have been responding to your sales pitch.  

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