Why is an email signature important in a company’s marketing strategy?

Benefits of Email Signature

A personalised and unified email signature increases your brand awareness and unique brand position within the market. Every email that you send has the brand message in it and therefore conveys it to the reader. With repetition, the product value will increase, as people internalise information through repetition. Also, an email signature creates brand value, as it shows that this is a strong brand. 

An email signature can also stand out for its uniqueness. The first point of contact is often one of the most important ones, so having a unique and personal design will quickly establish a strong relationship with the receiver of the message. Creating a connection between the brand and the customer is one of the key goals of a strong marketing strategy, as that way the customer loyalty lifecycle increases. 

Looking at signatures within a company setting, the advantages are multifold. Not only can the email signature be adapted according to a specific campaign, email signatures also create an immediate relationship with the client. Having a unified email signature across all devices reinforces the brand equity and recognition. Also, brand consistency is important to strengthen the branding message.

email signature marketing strategy

Email Signature Marketing Strategy

Here are some tips on how to increase your email signature  marketing strategy:

  • Personalise your message. With personalising your signature, the company can incorporate unique and unified messages that are tailored to your brand. A personal email signature gives quick access to all the contact information of the author of the email. And with a personalised email signature, you can strategically market your product or service. 
  • Create segments of your target audience. Know who your audience is and separate them into niche markets. That way you can set up your emails accordingly.
  • Automate email campaigns. With automated campaigns, according to the campaign or target audience, the signature can be adjusted according to the strategic topic.
  • Create mobile-friendly messages. Check that your signatures are mobile responsive.
  • Create Call-to-Actions to engage with your audience. Focus on one call-to-action that will engage the reader and make them want to respond. For example, ‘Book a demo’, “Click here to make a booking” or “Get a free trial” are all short action. 
  • Ask for a review. Create a button for people to either leave a star ranking review, or leave a feedback comment. 
  • Increase social media following. Include in your signature your social media accounts so that the reader can go with one click onto your company’s social media page.

Which strategy you choose depends on your product or service. But in order to stand out among many competitors, a personalised email signature solution is something that can be done easily and quick, but will have an enormous impact on your ROI. 

To increase your company’s brand awareness and reach your marketing goals, a strategic email signature is important that suits your brand and your company. Once you have the right strategy, it is just a matter of setting this up with Crossware’s email signature solution for Marketing teams and observe how your brand value will increase. 

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