How Do You Create Email Groups in Outlook 365?

How do you create email groups in Outlook 365?

Email groups

Outlook 365 is highly favoured by both businesses and individuals for its efficient email management capabilities, contributing to its widespread popularity worldwide. When it comes to sending bulk emails, creating email groups is a valuable tool that allows you to select multiple recipients for your messages. Steps To Creating Mailing Groups in Outlook

The following is how to create an email group in Outlook 365: 

  1. Log into Outlook. 
  2. Click on the People icon. That’s represented by the two headed icon in the navigation panel. 
  3. Click on New Contact Group
  4. Give the group a name. An example would be 2023 customers
  5. Click on Add members. You can add from Outlook contacts, from your Address book. You can also manually add individual contacts. 
  6. Click on Save and close when done adding contacts to your group. 

Sending an email to the group

That’s how to create an email group in Outlook. In this section, we will show you how you can send an email to your newly created group. The following is how to do it; 

  1. Create a new email in Outlook. 
  2. Click on To
  3. Select the group that you created. 
  4. Click OK
  5. You will now see a + in front of the contact in the To field to show that it’s a group and not a single email address. 

Why create email groups? 

Email groups save time. Instead of entering recipients addresses individually each time, you can simply create a group that you can select every time that you wish to send a message. 

Let’s assume you have a sales team in your company to whom you frequently send emails. In this scenario, it’s advisable to create a group containing all the email addresses of the sales team. You can label it as “Sales Team Group.”

That way, when you wish to send these people an email, you can do so at once by choosing them in the To field as outlined above. That’s done to save time. 

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