How to Add Bcc in your Outlook Emails

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Learn how to respect your recipient’s privacy

Adding Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) to your emails is a valuable skill that allows you to send messages with privacy and discretion. Unlike the Cc (Carbon Copy) field, which reveals recipients to each other, using Bcc ensures that recipients remain unaware of each other’s presence. This can be particularly useful in professional settings, group communications, or when sending sensitive information.

In this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to add Bcc to your emails in Outlook, enabling you to communicate efficiently while safeguarding recipient privacy. Mastering this feature will enhance your email communication and help you maintain a professional and considerate approach to sharing information. Let’s get started! 

Where do I find the Bcc field in Outlook?

When composing a new email in Outlook, the BCC field is initially hidden by default. You will see the From, To, and Cc fields, but if you want to blind carbon copy someone on the same message, you’ll need to reveal the Bcc field.

The following is how to show the Bcc field in your Outlook emails:

  • You can add the Bcc field by clicking on the To button. You will notice that at the bottom you have the To, Cc and Bcc fields. Simply add the contact to whom you wish to send the blind carbon copy in the relevant slot. When you are done, click on OK
  • Or you can click Bcc on the far right of the To field. 
  • You can also permanently have the Bcc field display when composing your emails.
    This option can be found in your Outlook settings or Options.  

Reasons for choosing the Bcc field?

Now, let’s explore the reasons for choosing Bcc over Cc when sending out messages. As a business, you will probably send out mass emails every now and again.

Whether you are sending marketing emails or internal messages within your organisation, the Bcc option enables you to protect the privacy of your recipients effectively. However, if you were to enter the recipients in the Cc field, it means everyone who gets the email will be able to see the name and email address details of everyone included, and that’s not the best approach as far as privacy is concerned.

Even for work-related messages within your organisation, you might not want recipients to know who else received the same message. In such cases, the Bcc option is ideal. It enables businesses and individuals to send messages to multiple people while keeping each recipient’s information confidential.

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