5 Benefits of Using Centrally Managed Email Signatures 

5 Benefits of Using Centrally Managed Email Signatures 

What are the benefits of having centrally managed email signatures? It’s something that a lot of people have been wondering about. Email signatures are an important tool in marketing. Not only do they give recipients of your messages additional information about your business, but they can also be used for marketing purposes.  

We have previously written on email signature marketing and how businesses can use it to generate extra sales. One question that often arises when it comes to creating email signatures for a business` relates to whether or not everyone within the company should be allowed to come up with their own version. That tends to negate one of the goals of having email signatures; that of promoting a brand.  

It’s way better to centrally manage your email signatures. That is something that we specialize in as Crossware. We are one of the world’s biggest providers of email signature solutions. Our focus is on giving our customers the tools that they need to create top of the range signatures that look great whatever the device they may be accessed from.  

Why centrally manage email signatures? 

The following are 5 benefits of using centrally managed email signatures;  

  1. It gives businesses consistency in their branding.  
  2. Makes it easy to update email signatures.  
  3. You can create mobile friendly signatures. 
  4. Reduces the risks that come from none compliant email signatures. 
  5. It’s easy to track performance of your email signatures.  

Consistency in branding 

This is one of the main benefits of centrally managing email signatures. One of the main goals for email signatures is to create brand awareness. But how do you achieve this aim? You do this by having consistency across the board.  

We are not saying every department within your business needs to have the same signature. Of course, there will be differences.  

If you use an email signature management tool such as Crossware, you get the ability to centralize management of your signatures while giving departments the ability to carry out modifications that are designed to make the signatures more relevant.  

In any case, consistency can be in the form of having the same logo and the same colours. The content of the signature may be different, but the overall outlook will be the same. The aim here will be to ensure that when someone sees the signature, there will be no doubt that it’s coming from your business.  

Easy updates 

Updating email signatures can be costly, particularly for large organizations. That’s not the case if you centrally manage your signatures using a tool such as Crossware.  

Having central control means you will be able to make changes without having your IT people visit every computer within your organization. That saves on time and money.  

Mobile friendly signatures 

Probably the biggest challenge when it comes to email signature stems from the fact that people use a wide range of devices to access their email. These devices have different screen sizes. People also use a wide range of mail clients.  

It thus becomes difficult to come up with signatures that look good no matter the device from which they are being accessed. When creating an email signature, you need to worry about how it’s going to appear on a small 6 inch form and on a large, 24 inch screen.  

Will your signature be the same? This is where the idea of creating mobile friendly signatures comes into play. We have previously written on how to create responsive email signatures. These are designed to look good whatever the screen from which they are being viewed.  

Achieving a mobile friendly functionality is something that you can easily do using Crossware. We have all the tools that you need to create signatures that look good on all devices.  

Centralization keeps your emails signatures compliant 

We have previously dwelt on the subject of regulations governing email signatures. In some jurisdictions, you need to worry about the issue of disclaimers and other legal requirements in your email signatures.  

Allowing everyone in your company to create their own signature makes it difficult for you to remain compliant. It leaves your company vulnerable to litigation should some of the emails coming from your employees not be fully compliant. 

Centralization means you will be able to keep all your email signatures compliant with requirements in your country of location.  

Tracking performance 

Another benefit of centrally managing email signatures is that you can easily track performance. That’s possible using a tool like Crossware.  

Let’s assume that you are engaged in email signature marketing, one thing that you will wish to find out is your CTR. How many people have been clicking on the banner that’s part of your signature?  

The conversion rate from email signatures is usually 0.25%. Tracking your performance is important as far as refining your signature is concerned. Tracking also allows you to do a lot of testing to find the format that works best for you as far as achieving your goals is concerned.  

Centrally manage your email signatures with Crossware 

No tool does it better than Crossware as far as centrally managing your email signatures is concerned. Our software makes it easy to create a consistent look for all your signatures.  

You can also manage your signatures from one Dashboard. This applies whatever the size of your business. Whether you have 10 employees or a thousand, we make it easy to come up with signatures that promote your brand and your products and services.  

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